Who we are :


Founded in May 1950 by the Late Mr. ML Dahanukar who established Maharashtra Sugar Mills in Shrirampur, SMDT (Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust) is an NGO working to improve the social

and ecological environment, with child and maternal healthcare, animal care,environmental sustainability and livelihood empowerment at its core


The trust was always supported by the sugar mill, which later transformed to Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. listed as BSE: 507205. The management of the company has been guiding the trust and

with its current Executive Director Mrs. Shivani Dahanukar at the helm of affairs,the trust is addressing some of the most pressing social issues of our time


Since 1950 SMDT has been helping children get their rights to a healthy childhood and access to quality education. By empowering the women and self-help groups it is achieving financial parity

among villagers to avail healthcare, education and nutrition. Through its various sustainable initiatives, SMDT is ensuring that we inhabit a healthier environment where animals are treated with as much care and concern as we enjoy


The work of Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust draws its inspiration from the activities initiated by the founders as also from the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. While we work to

wards building a cohesive and socio-economically developed society, following activities form the core of our work.

Our Goals :


SMDT aims to construct a society that is no longer plagued by malnutrition or hunger, where the family members provide for the education of their children and take care of their old family

members; A society where the farmer is empowered with the knowledge and skills of sustainable farming and uses his resources judiciously, where the women of the village have an equal

ideological and economical say in the functioning of the village that they inhabit.


We aim for a society where the animals are treated with as much affection as we humans enjoy and the natural resources are looked upon in a conservable manner and not an exhaustive one.


Our aim is to have a society where social discrimination is non-existent and people may work, love and marry according to their will and not bound by any vested interests; A society where we

humans co-exist with our environment, since, what are we, but a part of the environmentwe inhabit