Sport and fitness when used rightly is a powerful tool for engagement of communities. It helps imbibe critical human and community values such as collectivism, fairness and sportsmanship that can seldom be achieved through teaching alone. It is instrumental in engaging the youth and paving the way for a society with a healthy mind and body. The Tilaknagar Gymkhana has been running for the past 60 years in various sports such as cricket, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, chess, carom, kabaddi, kho-kho, athletics etc.
It has given rural children an avenue to repeatedly represent their sporting talent at the district, state and national level. Through our program, we are engaging the children not only in popular sports such as cricket and football, but also working towards reviving the old and traditional sports of the state such as kabaddi, kho-kho.
The sports program reaches out to more than 2000 children and aspires to inculcate a love for sports among the villagers.

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    Free coaching students

    Sports is our means to connecting individuals, teaching life skills and working towards improving overall quality of life. All we ask them to do is play as a first step, we attempt to give participating players a purpose.

    We have initiated a model where the schools lacking basic sports are taken under our program, the faculty is trained by our sports coordinators, sports equipments are distributed, playgrounds at ZP schools are maintained further encouraging the communities to maintain the community assets.

    We works towards the development of sport at the grassroots by developing and implementing sports programs in communities, training coaches and PE teachers, managing grassroots sports programs and events, as well as facilitating sports infrastructure development.

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    Engaging Youth

    We aim to promote a sporting culture among the youth, which is inclusive, sustainable. engaging, and encourages participation as well as excelling in sport, especially keeping in mind the underprivileged sections of society, who find it harder to gain access to sport. We believe that providing youth with well-structured and professionally conducted sports and physical education programs is the best way to aid in their sports development.

    We believe that sport offer a transferrable set of skills for social development; through team building, acceptance and discipline, our centre acts as safe places free from discrimination; providing positive role models and a place to develop oneself and enjoy. Play acts as the messenger and educate communities on sexual and domestic abuse, unemployment, alcoholism, drug usage, malnutrition and mental health issues and a cycle of disengagement from the education resulting into struggle, preventing them from being successful and other complex issues in youth on daily basis through friendly interaction.

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